Can I Combine Two or More CBD Products from Swiss Relief for My Workout Regimen?

If you’re a fitness enthusiast who is trying to take their routine to the next level, you may have already considered making CBD part of your daily regimen. With the many properties for which CBD has become widely known, it makes perfect sense that those who want to get more out of their daily exercise are warming up to the idea of taking hemp daily, both before and after working out.

A question that we get asked a lot is whether or not it’s okay to use more than one CBD product in a day. For instance, is it actually okay to take a tincture before working out, and take an edible immediately after?

Reasons Why a Person May Want to Combine Two or More CBD Products for Workout-Related Purposes

So, why would a person want to use multiple CBD products to begin with? After all, if CBD is so effective, then why would a person need to double up on delivery methods? Well, the thing about CBD is that the delivery method you use has a lot to do with its effects. There are many different delivery methods out there, including tinctures, edibles and topicals, and each one absorbs into the body in its own unique way.

For instance, tinctures absorb through the sublingual tissue beneath the tongue. Due to the natural absorption rate of this tissue, tinctures can take effect in thirty or so minutes, and provide relatively potent effects for a couple of hours. Meanwhile, edibles must work through the body’s digestive tract before being released into the blood stream, which is why it can take up to two hours for them to become effective, but once they do, they can provide effects for several hours that are felt relatively subtly. Then, topicals can absorb almost instantaneously and last for hours, while concentrating the compounds to the specific area of application.

When it comes to working out, CBD’s unique properties may have a lot to offer, which would explain why so many fitness enthusiasts double up on delivery methods. Among its researched properties that may be useful for exercise are its anti-inflammatory effects plus its potential to provide an energy boost by supporting energy homeostasis within the body.

Now, let’s get into the more specific reasons for combining products at Swiss Relief.

Reason #1: To Create an Overlap of Activation in the System

Taking two products can allow for an overlap of effectiveness. In other words, taking a tincture and an edible at the same time can allow for a period of time during which both products are active in the system so that while one is starting to wear off, the other one just getting started.

Reason #2: Fulfill Two Unique Functions

Many people like to combine an internal method like a tincture or an edible with a topical. This is because topicals are great for target areas, while internal methods provide widespread effects. Therefore, each product serves its own unique function, making each one valuable on its own.

Reason #3: For a More Potent CBD Experience

Taking two CBD products can allow for a more potent hemp experience overall. It’s like taking twice the dosage level that’s considered standard.

Is it Okay to Combine Two or More CBD Products for Working Out?

Now, to answer your question, it is perfectly fine to take more than one CBD product at the same time, or at different points within a 24-hour period. Many people do this and find it to be highly effective. CBD is considered nontoxic to humans. Rather than causing a fatal overdose, excess levels of CBD are stored by the endocannabinoid system for later use. This means that a person can take multiple doses of CBD within a day and not have to worry about toxicity. So, you should feel comfortable experimenting with different combinations if you so wish.

Ways to Combine Multiple CBD Products from Swiss Relief for an Enhanced Fitness Routine

If you wish to incorporate a second or even third CBD product into your routine, let’s discuss the best ways to go about that.

First, you need to have a clear idea of what you want to get out of your hemp experience in terms of how it can impact your workout schedule. Are you trying to manage pain that interferes with getting through each session? Are you trying to maintain a more relaxed mind so that you can feel motivated and enthusiastic about exercising? These questions will help you determine which products will be best suited for you, and when you should take them.

As an example, someone who wants to use CBD for pain may choose to take an edible prior to working out so that the effects last for several hours after exercising, while ensuring that the levels of cannabinoids peak in the system during the actual workout. Then, they may choose to use a topical in the evening to support the body’s recovery process.

Things to Take into Consideration

Before you go ahead and add more CBD products to your workout routine, keep some things in mind.

Consideration #1: Milligram Strength

Milligram strength of each product has a lot to do with how helpful your new regimen is. Obviously, two low-potency products taken together are going to produce less effects than two high-potency ones.

Consideration #2: Timing

Make sure that you time your consumption or usage properly. Each delivery method requires a different amount of time before it become fully active in the body, so pay attention to this when choosing when to take each product, as it can have a major impact on whether or not each product fulfills the purpose you want.

Consideration #3: Quality CBD Products Matter

Remember, it is crucial that each product is equally high in quality. Putting a bunch of low-quality CBD products together will not be any better than taking a single high-quality product that’s made with high standards. Swiss Relief provides third-party lab reports that prove our products are made with the purest and most carefully extracted hemp.

There’s Really No Harm in Taking Multiple CBD Products in One Day

Of course, in order to do it right, you need to time your doses properly, choose high-quality products and select the right milligram strength of each. Use this guide to use more than one CBD product to enhance your workout game.

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