CBD Tincture For Migraines

Using Cbd Tincture in the Fight Against Migraines

The search for migraine relief can be a desperate endeavor since some of you can be affected by migraines more than 15 days in a month. In addition to dealing with the pain and related symptoms, you are impacted financially, by both missing work and having to spend on medications and supplements. Your relationships take a hit due to missed events, pain-related mood changes, avoidant dietary changes, and reduced daily activities. Many of you must take powerful prescription medications that have undesired side effects. Finding natural solutions can reduce your dependency on prescription medications, which can be a significant quality of life improvement.

Our aim is to help you understand what CBD tinctures are and what dosage may be a good starting place for you. Please understand that all natural remedies are slower-acting than prescription drugs. It can take some experimentation to find the most effective dose. Keeping a journal that details triggers, symptoms, effects of supplements and more can help you find your perfect CBD for migraines dosage more quickly. It can take several weeks of regular use before you start to see benefits. It’s important to know this going in, so you can adjust your expectations.

CBD Oil vs CBD tinctures for migraines?

It is important to note that CBD oil and CBD tinctures are not the same things. They differ, often significantly, in methods of production, ingredients, and use.

If you are not familiar with CBD yet

Cannabidiol is the long-form name of CBD and is a natural constituent of industrial hemp. It has negligible amounts of tetrahydrocannabinol (less than 0.3 percent), which is the psychoactive compound in cannabis. It will not get you high or impair you in any way. Cannabidiol is safe and so well-tolerated that even children and the elderly can take it.

What makes a CBD tincture?

A CBD tincture is a medicinal solution made by soaking the hemp plant material in alcohol, another solvent, or carbon dioxide (CO2), which acts as a solvent. The solvent concentrates and intensifies the effects of CBD, expediting absorption. Another benefit of tinctures is that they taste better than the oil version of CBD. You can get tinctures in a variety of flavors, which makes them much more palatable for those new to CBD.

How can CBD tincture help migraines?

Cannabidiol or CBD tincture has neuroprotective and neurogenic effects which may positively impact the nerve signals influential in migraines.

There is a network in your body, made up of compounds and receptors, that is known as the Endocannabinoid System (ECS). Receptors for the ECS can be found in just about every part of the human body, but some important locations are the brain, spinal cord, GI tract, and the peripheral nervous system. The ECS helps regulate mood, maintain homeostasis, and manage pain.

Your body naturally makes endocannabinoids regardless of whether you’ve ever used any form of cannabis. In fact, your body makes two endocannabinoids (that we know of), one of which is thought to have an influence on migraines. This particular endocannabinoid is called anandamide, sometimes referred to as the “bliss” molecule. When anandamide levels are low, migraines can be triggered. Since cannabidiol encourages the accumulation of anandamide, the thinking is that migraines may be avoided if the levels of anandamide never drop below the trigger point.

Will CBD tincture for migraines work for you? Sadly, there is no pat answer that works for everyone. Every human body is different and migraines can be triggered by many things. Even with your prescription medication, there is experimentation to see if the medication will work for you and at what dosage. It is the same with supplements and natural remedies.

Is it worth trying? Absolutely. It has the supportive potential to help you get through the days and nights ahead. Even if it only reduced your dependency on prescription medications, it would be a worthwhile quality of life improvement.

Recommended CBD tincture for migraines dosage

A good starting place for a migraine sufferer is the 600mg strength, which delivers approximately 10mg per dose, depending on the brand.

The CBD industry is relatively new, so standardization has not yet arrived. Please read the strength on the front of the bottle, such as 600mg or 1,000 mg, and then take a look on the back for the amount delivered per dose.

The CBD tincture for migraines dosage that brings you the most relief will be influenced by your gender, weight, metabolism, diet, and age, so there will not be a one-size-fits-all answer. It’s always a good idea when taking new supplements of any kind to start at the lowest dose, observe reactions, and work your way up if you don’t find relief. This is the way of virtually every kind of natural healing.

How to take CBD tinctures

By now you may be wondering how to take CBD tinctures. The fastest delivery of CBD tinctures for migraine is sublingual. Sublingual delivery bypasses the digestion, going directly to the bloodstream.

When you take a medication or supplement sublingually, it means you will place the required number of drops under the tongue and hold for 30-60 seconds before swallowing. It’s fast and easy, allowing you to go on with your day.

The best CBD tincture for migraines

The best CBD tincture for migraines is the one that works best for YOU. That said, we do have some recommendations for what makes a great quality CBD tincture for migraines.

The single best piece of advice is to look at the extraction method. All CBD tinctures and oils should specify how they are extracted. You’ll want to avoid the Rick Simpson method as well as carrier oil extraction. Ethanol or ethyl alcohol extraction is better than the first two, but it is not the best. The current best method is CO2 extraction. The efficacy and purity of this method of extraction are unmatched and should be your first, best choice.

If you are sensitive, it’s a good idea to look for a formulation that is vegan-friendly, gluten-free, and has no artificial flavors.


Cannabidiol, in the form of CBD tincture, could be a powerful ally for you in the fight to have a more normal life as a migraine sufferer. The 600mg strength, at 10mg per dose, is a very good starting place. The only real way to know what success you will have is to try it for yourself, note your results, and work your way up. You will find the cannabis community to be welcoming and willing to share their knowledge and experience with newcomers.


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