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How Much Hemp Oil to Take for Pain?

Taking Hemp Oil For Pain The question of how much hemp oil to take for pain is a bit tricky to answer. That question is not as straightforward as…

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Where to Buy Organic CBD Hemp Oil

Where to buy Organic CBD Hemp Oil Buying Organic CBD hemp oil has become increasingly popular for so many looking for a natural way to help with their…

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Will CBD Show up on a Drug Test?

Will CBD show up on a drug test? We can practically assure that CBD will not show up on a drug test for a number of reasons. First,…

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What are CBD Gel Caps

What are CBD Gel Caps? Swiss Relief Gel Capsules are an easy to swallow capsule. The gel capsules suspend pure CBD isolate in Organic MCT oil to create…

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What Is the Difference Between Marijuana and Hemp?

While the words in and of themselves are arguably synonymous, society has given them a different connotation. The Cannabis plant has various strains that are genetically engineered to have different…

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Are CBD and Hemp Oil the Same?

No, hemp oil and CBD oil are not the same. While they both are derived from the same plant (the Cannabis plant), the oils come from different parts of the…

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What Does ‘bioavailability’ Mean?

Bioavailability is a pharmacological term that is used to describe the efficacy of absorption of a drug or substance into the body’s systemic circulation. Essentially, bioavailability is how…

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Can Pets Take CBD?

Yes, pets can take CBD. Just like CBD and other cannabinoids have been found to be effective in helping to alleviate various symptoms in humans, our furry pet…

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Is CBD Oil Legal?

Is CBD oil legal? Our CBD is derived from hemp farms in Kentucky that are certified to operate under the 2014 U.S. Farm Bill section 7606 and Kentucky…

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How is CBD Oil Made?

How is CBD oil made? Not all CBD oil is made the same way. The purity and quality of the oil depend on many different factors such as…


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